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Aurelia Shopping Center & community project

The community center, called in italian “Nuova Centralità Urbana di Massimina” is a vast urban project, to be build in the outskirts of Rome. The selected area confines to the east by the ring road that encircles Rome, to the north by “Via Aurelia”, to the west by the suburb of Massimina and to the south by the Rome-Civitavecchia railway. It is therefore in the centre of a first class intersection, which will be further strengthened by a new main road connecting Via Aurelia to the ring road and by a train station along the Rome-Civitavecchia railway. From Massimina station, it will therefore be possible to reach St Peter’s in about 8 minutes and Termini station in about 20′.

Main data of the project:  

Total Surface Area of Massimina Centrality: 1.112.246 sqm
Total Gross Area: 215.803 sqm
Gross Residential Area: 97.109 sqm
Gross non Residential Area: 118.694 sqm
Green Spaces: 155.462 sqm
Squares: 5.236 sqm
Public Car Parks: 69.569 sqm
Viability and Green Borders: 154.711 sqm

The project foresees a metropolitan shopping centre with:

  •  A superstore of approx 14,000 sqm of sales surface (7,700 sqm of food and 6,300 sqm of non-food);
  • A large surface of 2,600 sqm, for non-food;
  • Various medium-sized surfaces for a total 8,000 sqm;
  • A shopping centre with 80 shops.

The total sales surface is approx 38,000 sqm. The Centralità project foresees an office centre near the underground stop, and a hotel, besides a residential area.

Brief description

The Centralità project foresees an office centre.

Total cost
Duration of work

The project is still in draft.


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