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Arenaria  was founded in 2005 and is a company within the Maccaferri Industrial Group. It is the first and only society in Italy, and indeed, in the entire Mediterranean area, to have obtained public concessions for the use of marine sand deposits, the so-called shipwreck sands.

This type of sand, identified as a result of important studies and research carried out by Universities and the CNR (National Research Council), is the most suitable for beach nourishment both due to its technical characteristics and to its low environmental impact.

The first concession granted by the Ministry of Infrastructures is situated in the Adriatic Sea  off the coast of the Marche region at a depth of 80m and has a capacity of approximately 100 million cubic metres. approximately one million mc of sand have already been dredged from this deposit to effect beach nourishment along the coast of the Marche and Abruzzo regions.

The second concession granted by the Region of Sicily is in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast near Termini Imerese at a depth of 120 metres. and has a capacity of approximately 130 million cubic metres.

In 2019, an important quantity of sand will be dredged from this deposit for a project of land reclamation designed by Renzo Piano on behalf of the Principality of Monaco.

The sandy deposits were chosen after careful evaluation of their technical and environmental characteristics by the French construction  company which won the tender.

Both of these deposits were registered in the course of a study in 2016 carried out by the Ministry of the Environment, in order to map out the potential of the Italian offshore sand deposits for beach nourishment of those coastal areas subject to erosion. The study showed that, with its two concessions, Arenaria has at its disposal approximately 30% of the sand suitable and immediately available for the reconstruction of eroded beaches in Italy.

Arenaria is, therefore, first and foremost, an authorised supplier of large volumes of marine sand for the reconstruction and maintenance of beaches under erosion. However, in the case of a relaunch of infrastructure construction, Arenaria’s marine sand may also be adopted in the mix developed for the production of cement and other blends for building works.

Arenaria adopts a quality management system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015  with the Accredia award.

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