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About Us

The principal activity of Seci Real Estate is to acquire, renovate and develop sites and/or buildings. These operations are carried out directly, through the creation of specific NewCos in partnership with local or national / international companies, depending on requirements. Project management, marketing and media relations are  effected by specialised  qualified partners.

The Project Management of Real Estate development is entrusted to our subsidiary M PROJECT and we operate in the construction sector through S.A.P.A.B.A. both through the undertaking of public and private tenders, and also in specialised quarrying of gravels and the production of cement and bitumen conglomerates. Finally as ARENARIA the company operates in the field of coastal works, thanks also to two important concessions held for the use of sandy deposits : one situated in the Adriatic sea, and one in the Southern Tyrrhenian sea.

Seci Real Estate

SECI Real Estate operates within the real estate sector both directly or through special purpose companies, and boasts a long tradition in the development of important projects, mainly focused  on the construction of commercial, office and logistic-productive buildings. The urban redevelopment of large industrial facilities has always been the mission driving the company, alongside which runs the acquisition and optimization  of the disused  plots and buildings. In today’s rapidly changing market, SECI Real Estate offers the services of its highly competent management team and the reliability of a network of professional experts able to follow the client every step of the way in what are often long and complex procedures.


M Project is the subsidiary of SECI Real Estate which manages and coordinates the projects and operations in each single phase from the original concept to the final inspection, keeping a check on time schedules, budget and quality control on behalf of the client.


S.A.P.A.B.A ’s dominion is the construction of industrial buildings, office buildings, and commercial structures and preservation restoration. Parallel to this runs the company’s original activity of cement, bitumen conglomerate and aggregate production. The company boasts a long, well-established reputation with 86 years of experience, thanks to a valid and efficient combination of human resources and operational expertise.


Arenaria operates in the field of coastal protection works, holding two important concessions for the use of sandy deposits situated in the mid Adriatic Sea and in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea.
Either directly or through partnerships, Arenaria carries out dredging and beach nourishment activities as well as managing the redevelopment of coastal, lagoon and river areas both in the planning and supervisory phase.


The Maccaferri Industrial Group has been operating in the industrial production sector since 1879 and is now active worldwide, offering products, technology and services both to companies working in the most advanced industrial sectors and to the final consumer. Its goal is to diversify its activities and to seize the opportunities offered by world markets in continual evolution. The company’s growth is based solidy on the intrinsic  values of putting people first, thinking and acting in a professional, transparent manner with an eye to a sustainable global approach, which respects the environment.

The main characteristics which have permitted the Group to become the important multinational company it is today are its industrial basis, diversification of its activities and internationalisation .

The history of the Maccaferri Industrial Group officially begins in 1879 when it was registered as “Maccaferri Raffaele Blacksmith” based in Zola Predosa in the Province of Bologna.

Since the mid 1980’s driven by the rapid changes in the competition within the markets where the company is active, the Group’s strategy has been to concentrate on the diversification of business sectors, embarking on a number of  mergers, takeovers and acquisitions  and participating in new industrial projects.

The  Maccaferri Industrial Group continues to be run by the Maccaferri family which oversees each aspect of the company through SECI Holding (Società Esecizi Commerciali Industriali) set up in 1949.

The Maccaferri Industrial Group believes in the value of hard work and considers legality, correctness, transparency and ethics to be indispensable requirements in order to attain economic, productive and social goals

The Maccaferri Industrial Group has always been active in the property sector, at first in order to manage and optimize  its own assets and then through the creation of a specific Real Estate company with the  development of new, projects specifically concerning property. These activities run parallel to those in the sectors of engineering, mechanics, building, food, tobacco and renewable energy sources.

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