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Business Park

Description of the service Construction of an office district comprising buildings for offices and a service centre in a park…

Meraville Business Park

Brief Description Meraville Città Scambi shopping centre Location Viale Tito Carnacini, Bologna

Palazzo Salimbeni

Reconstruction and renovation with creation of underground parking Location Corso Cavour 36, Modena

Olbia Retail Park

The Olbia Retail Park opened just a few days ago, on the 14th of june, near the “Costasmeralda” airport in…

San Pietro all’Orto 6

Brief description Preservation, restoration and renovation of the attic of the building for both residential and retail purposes, comprising seven…

S.E.C.I. S.p.A.

Brief description Renovation of the entire plant design and of the building, destined to use as offices, and construction of…


Description of the service Samp new headquarters Location Via di Saliceto, Bentivoglio - Bologna

Baschieri & Pellagri

Description of the service Baschieri & Pellagri cartridge warehouse Location Via del Frullo 26, Marano di Castenaso - Bologna

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