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SECI Real Estate’s mission is the development of real estate projects, especially in the retail, office, and logistics sectors. The company is also active in the residential, tourist and hospitality fields, but for these Seci pools with local partners with specific expertise. In the process of managing these estates, the Company sets great attention to the quality standard so as to further enhance the properties in which it works.

SECI Real Estate is a dynamic, well-established and complete company, whose aim is to promote, develop and manage company-owned or third party properties, with operations such as:

Urban upgrading

Urban upgrading of large dismissed industrial settlements

Promotion and construction of buildings

Promotion and construction of buildings for residential, commercial, business and logistic use

Renovation and restoration

Renovation and restoration of valuable buildings.

In a fast evolving market such as today’s, where it is necessary to keep updated, listen to clients’ requests and be competent and efficient, SECI Real Estate responds to the world’s challenges with its management, made up of competent, reliable and respected people, who are used to establishing steady business relations with their clients.

The Maccaferri Industrial Group is known for having always worked in real estate: at the beginning managing and upgrading the companys assets, and then, through the creation of a specific real estate company, developing new property initiatives. This new activityhas been accompanied by the historical core areas: metallurgy, mechanics, construction, food,and power industry.

SECI Real Estate was created in the 90s with the name Imac (Immobiliare Maccaferri) within the Holding of the Maccaferri Industrial Group. At first, the company focussed on value creation through recovery and upgrading of property assetsdismissedby the Group, with the constant aim of quality as the main feature of its actions.
The buildings once accommodating sugar and steel factories, and various plants, now are importantbusinessand industrial realities, as well as new integrated residential areas.

Today the key activities of SECI Real Estateare the acquisition, recovery, and upgrading of areasand/or properties.
All this is carried out directly, i.e. through the creation of NewCos with the participation of local or national/international companies, depending on the requirements, entrusting qualified partners with the project management, marketing, and media relations.

The history of the Maccaferri Industrial Group officially begins in 1879, as the “Maccaferri RaffaeleBlacksmiths” was registered in Zola Predosa, province of Bologna.
Industrial skills, diversification and internationalisation are the foremost characteristics that have made the Group become the multinational company we know today.

In the mid 80s, stimulated by the rapid changes of competition scenarios on the relevant markets,the Group strategically focussed on the redefinition of business areas, performing concentration actions, transfers, and acquisitions of companies and participating in new industrial initiatives.

To date, the Maccaferri Industrial Group depends on the family which manages all activities through the SECI(Società Esercizi Commerciali Industriali) Holding S.p.A., established in 1949.

The Maccaferri Industrial Groupsoverall turnover amounts to approximately one billion Euro, employing more than 4,400 people all over the world.

The plants are distributed on five different continents, more precisely: 28 in Europe, 20 of which in Italy; 4 in North America, 8 in South America, 2 in Africa, and 9 in Asia.

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