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Upgrading of the area of the former Eridania sugar refinery in Russi (RA)

The area on which the former Eridania sugar refinery lies is about 3 Km from the centre of Russi (RA), 16 Km from the centre of Ravenna and about 10 Km from the A14 motorway (Ravenna exit).

The site is composed as follows:

•   267,889 sqm of basin area;
•   180,168 sqm of productive area (factory);
•   12,378 sqm of outer division area, classified by the general town-planning scheme as F1 zone for public utilities and urban interest
•   29,365 sqm I2 duty-bound area inside the “villa Romana” archaeological site

for a total of 489,800 sqm.

The upgrading project will aim at building a new residential, productive, services complex with accommodation facilities.

Brief description

Our partner for the upgrading of this area is the local government, but the project is still in draft.

Total cost
Duration of work

The project is still in draft.


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