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Castel San Pietro Terme – Logistic Area

The 33-hectare area is located in Castel S.Pietro Terme (BO), along the A14 motorway, near the exit. Its development is oriented towards logistics, production and offices. The private zoning plan will be linked to the adjacent productive area called “Insediamento Ford-Arcese”.

Road system

The newly completed road system is made of approx 1 km of roads with parking spaces and footpaths on both sides with grass and flowerbeds. It will be possible for both cars and trucks to use the 18,000 sqm parking area. There will be very good public lighting on the roads and in the parking areas, with light posts along both sides of the road. The telephone and optical fibre networks will be placed on the borders of the lots so as to simplify every user’s connection.


  • Restaurant at approx 100 m;
  • Offices and service areas for companies;
  • Optical fibre infrastructure;
  • Facility management services;
  • Vast parking for trucks;
Brief description

Its development is oriented towards logistics, production and offices.

Total cost
Duration of work

The 33-hectare area will developed in two phases: 24 hectares in the 1st phase and 9 hectares in the 2nd. To date the detailed plan of the area of phase 1 is still to be approved, subject to the approval of a plan agreement with the Municipalities of Castel S.Pietro Terme and Castel Guelfo as proposers and the Province of Bologna as affiliate.


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