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M Project

Our Experience

M Project was born inside Seci Real Estate (Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri) and deals with project management of major real estate projects.

With the experience and the need to meet and increasingly specific and sectional market, M Project was formed in 2008, as an independent company for project management and control of building projects and immediately started working for several major real estate related projects and developments, bringing them to reality.

At present M Project is working on development projects and real estate operations of new construction as well as of the renovation and restoration in the retail, hospitality, industrial, office, and residential sectors.

Our Competence

M Project, a realty project management company belonging to the group, deals with planning, design, management and control of real estate projects according to the parameters of time, quality and cost for each project:


Identification and pre-qualification of general designer skills, managing request for proposals, and contract negotiation. Coordination of consultants for design requirements and to obtain the necessary licences for the execution of the works, defining the budget, forecast and control of cash flow.


Establishing project scope and budgets, and verifying the adequacy of the assumed costs and quality of performance expected from the project in support of stated goals.


Managing the tender process, pre-qualification and selection of contractors, evaluation of bids, support in the identification of contractors and in the definition of the terms of the contract.


Setting up, logistics, coordination of contractors, supervision of the quality of work, cost control and project schedule assumed under contract, representation of the client and customer relationship management, professionals (DL/Safety), efficient management of internal information as well as the periodic and financial reporting of the project.

The strength of M Project is to understand the possible risks of the entire project, to manage and resolve contingencies and project execution, implementing a vision that is, at the same time, focused on details (on the performance of individual components such as materials, documents, actions) and on the entire project, in order to realize the final goal through a series of tightly managed procedures and processes.

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